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Neighborhood Garage Sale & Rockett Water Smart Meters
Posted on Aug 13th, 2015

The neighborhood garage sale is planned for September 18-19. The HOA will be placing a ad in the Waxahachie Daily Light to promote the community garage sale as we did last year. Each seller will be responsible to acquire a garage sale permit from the City of Waxahachie on their own. The city will not issue a "neighborhood" permit.
The board has also seen a increase in concern from the new "smart" meters that were installed by Rockett Water. Neighbors are reporting a much higher then normal water bill. If you have a sprinkler system using the same stations as last year and are watering the same schedule would you please provide us a copy of your bill and what your bill was last year? This information will be presented to Rockett to help our case and show that the bills have increased since the new meters were installed.
If you can provide such requested information please email it to shane.tittle@brookbendgrove.com or use the contact us located here: http://www.brookbendgrove.com/contact.php
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