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Community Garage Sales / Parking Complaints / Rockett Water Meters
Posted on Sep 9th, 2015

First off a reminder about the neighborhood garage sale. It will be on September 18-19. The board will pay for the ad in the Waxahachie Daily Light but each individual house hold will be responsible for getting their own garage sale permit as the city will not issue a "bulk" permit for a neighborhood.
Secondly, we have received a number of complaints about neighbors parking on the street. Be advised that this is not allowed per the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCR’s).
Lastly, the board would like to present all the information that we have for everyone concerned with the new digital water meters.  Rockett Water allowed us to have 10 water meters tested by a 3rd party free of charge. All 10 meters were found to be within the accepted specs. You can download the PDF file with the results here: http://www.brookbendgrove.com/editor_upload/File/Brookbend_Grove_Water_Test.pdf
Rockett Water is claiming that basically the old meters where not reading correctly especially for people with sprinkler systems. They stated that when peoples sprinkler valves would open they are not like a gate style valve that opens slowly to 100% but open instantly at 100% which would sometimes cause the meter to "stick" and not bill for the water usage. We asked if rates would decrease since the meters are much more accurate and they will no longer have to have man power to go out and read meters. We were advised that prices are set and the next rate study will be performed in 2016 and that is when new rates will take effect. From the meeting Erik and I attended I do not foresee rates going lower in 2016 but hopefully they will not climb as fast.
Thank you
Brookbend Grove HOA
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